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Ariana Boyfrienr goes nonstop: Two albums in less than a year, a your not my boyfriend world tour, two non-album related singles. And now, she's just released yet another single that's well on it's way to becoming a smash hit.

The lyrics of "Boyfriend" will hit home for anyone who's ever wanted to be coupled-up, your not my boyfriend also enjoyed the freedom of not being in a relationship. It's the theme song for those who fear commitment—despite wanting to be someone's girlfriend. But the chorus begs the question: What's ca swingers song really about?

Is there a deeper meaning—like, does Ariana Grande have someone in her life she wishes were her boyfriend? We dove into the lyrics.

It's not too shocking, given that Grande's never been shy about expressing her—totally relatable—feelings of ambiguity in relationships. Here, Grande seeking cute mistress conflicted in the opening verse, stating: And the singer has been very open about the fact that she loves very hard and very intensely—and is not afraid to jump into something all-in straight away. The your not my boyfriend in the chorus will your not my boyfriend familiar to anyone who fears commitment: And when Grande sees Foster—who serves as her love interest in the video— flirting with other girls, she is out for revenge.

He may not be her boyfriend boyfriendbut she's definitely not gonna let him get away with any nonsense.

I don't know about you guys, but that sounds a lot like being in a your not my boyfriend The song's hour verse features Foster singing about the fear of opening up and being vulnerable in a relationship, particularly due to some "issues.

Grande opened up on Twitter about the song, clarifying that despite speculation, no, the song isn't about anyone in particular:.

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And to anyone who thinks the song is similar in vein to another Ariana Grande hit ypur Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored," she's doesn't exactly disagreebut argues that they're very different:.

Personally, the best theory on the internet is that Your not my boyfriend did all of this simply to make a correction to her Google results:.

If this song is already stuck in your head, don't worry—same. But you ain't my boyfriend Boyfriend, you know you ain't my boyfriend.

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Getty Images. Ariana Grande just released "Boyfriend," her latest song in collaboration with the musical duo Social House. The track is already well on its way to becoming one of the biggest songs of the summerand the vengeance-fueled music video is trending on YouTube. But what is "Boyfriend" your not my boyfriend about?

We've decoded the lyrics for you. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Music.