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Trump Offers White House Staffers Discounted Merch from His Golf Club

When you are working under the presidency, you always get some perks. President Donald Trump offers a few under-the-radar perks for the staffers working under his administration. These perks come in the form of discounts which sell at Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club. These are only for those who have access to the Secret Service pin.

Those officials who pay $350,000 to join the Trump’s Golf club get these discounts on the online Trump Store. The Trump Administration also gets the same discount as his Golf Club Members. These administration members are the White House staffers. There are various discounts which range from 15% off to 70% off on clearance. It is official, and two staffers reported it.

There are many rumors which say that the Trump’s daughter is involved in these discounts. However, the house officials deny this rumor and say; she has nothing to do with the discount offers.

The president who entangles in his private commercial properties

The experts across the country say that Trump is the only president who seems to care and keeps track of his commercial properties than any other president in the history of the US. The experts say that it is hard to know if he is working on his official presidency business or his private property or business.

Offering discounts are wrong

Virginia Canter who is the chief ethics counsel at the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, Washington DC, says that offering discounts to the people because of their secret service pins is “Wrong!” she was also the associate counsel for Clinton and Obama administrations.

The “wrong” in the discounts is not the discounts itself, but who takes advantage of these discounts. Canter said that the discounts if offered to all the government employees are good, and only those who are members of the President’s Club, it is wrong. She also stated that the federal employees could not accept gifts worth more than $20. It will raise suspicion if they are to get such huge discounts and it is a great concern.

Canter also said that the federal employees could not accept gifts because of the official positions they have. She also emphasized by saying that, “It’s limited to staff who have access to the facility and second of all, who have access to the Secret Service pin. It’s not OK.”

The discount goes beyond the White House staffers.

Trump’s store is open for discounts also for those Republican lawmakers who join him in his Golf sessions at his properties in Virginia, Sterling, and also on Palm Beach, Florida.

These discounts are still not known to many officials within the white house. Many senior officials do not know about it. One of the former senior officials said that he did not know about the price discount and always paid huge amounts. He said, “I always paid in full for the pro-shop merchandise.” He added, “I overpaid, big time,” he said that he was happy that he did not know about the discounts.