The Travels of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta was a famous Muslim traveler of the 14th century who explored many different places and met many people. The traveling experience he had is still taught and exampled in history.Ibn Battuta travels made him faced many different dangers and came across many adventures. He was even attacked by the bandits, was Eve once by a sinking ship was drowned, a tyrant ruler once tried to behead him. His traveling history covered many different countries in different time periods which are summarized below.

Western North Africa (the region of Maghreb) 1325

He was in his twenties when he decided to travel along the North African coast which leads towards Egypt. It was his first alone traveling he rode on a donkey.

Cairo, Egypt 1325

Here he experienced a crowded life inside the historic walled city. This place had many numbers of mosques, hospitals, convents and colleges.

From Cairo to Jerusalem, Damascus, medina and mecca (1326)

Ibn Battuta then left Cairo and decided to move towards Damascus and Syria which lay along a royal road. There the Mamluk government carried a caravan of Pilgrim which Ibn Battuta joined and moved to Mecca to perform Hajj.

Persia and Iraq (1327)

Next to Ibn Battuta travels lead him to Persia and Iraq; there he saw how this region was suffering from Mongol invasion devastation, it mainly affected its agricultural sector and the economy.

The Red Sea to East Africa and the Arabian Sea (1328 to 1330)

After he had studied in a mecca for almost one year, he decided to start an another adventure and this time to the red sea coast and the coasts of East Africa where he wanted to find a permanent job and to get settled.

Anatolia (1330 to 1331)

Now he was thinking to go and work under the administration of the sultan of Delhi. To do so he had to find a guide to learn Persian, but unfortunately, he was unable to do so and moved to Turkey where he joined the Turkish caravan moving to India.

Lands of the golden horde (1332 to 1333)

From Turkey to India on their way the wee lucky to get under the protection of the king of golden horde who was also traveling and was few days ahead

Delhi, India (1334 to 1341)

He was able to enter India by crossing through the mountains of Afghanistan.

The Delhi escape to Maldives Island and Sri Lanka (1341 to 1344)

Ibn Battuta had a feeling that his life was under threat living and working under the sultan of India, so he decided to move to Sri Lanka.

Malacca to China (1345 to 1346)

Ibn Battuta faced a long series of downfalls in Maldives; he lost all the assets he had to pirates and the shipwrecks there, this lead him to make a decision to move to China?

Return home (1346 to 1349)

Later he decided to move back to home, he moved to India went to Syria, performed another hajj and finally home