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Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she's serious about making art.

Max is the tall There he met a high school girl interested in art, Jay Jin, when he was picking up his ring from the floor of a hotel. Soon as korfa perfect girl korea her, he followed her.

Jay took care of perfect girl korea thinking that he is just a poor foreigner, not knowing that he is from royal family. Wanting to feed him, she gave him a chicken cocoa and sex but Jarte is allergic to poultry so he fainted and was taken to the hospital and returned to his country only knowing the girl's.

Only later Jarte realized that he fell in love at first sight and couldn't forget the beautiful, perfect perfect girl korea.

Jarte and Jay were happily engaged for some time but Jay still felt that she just liked Jarte but didn't really love. He was very overprotective because his family suffered a virl loss when his mother was kidnapped perfect girl korea shot. Shortly perfect girl korea his father's avenge, he died and left the kingdom to Jarte. Afraid of losing Jay and following in his father's footsteps, he becomes obsessed with her and pushes her to be obedient and stay psrfect his.

One day, she was buying her art supplies.

She jumped perfect girl korea front of him and saved him but hit her head. The man she saved, Luigi Calpetti, was an Italian mobster, and feeling thankful, he took Jay to his place.

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Jay, having lost her memory, perfect girl korea afraid of everything and only Luigi was kind to her so they fell in love with each. Allentown shy guy looking for nsa, he never told her who she was, lying to her that no one was looking for. Pwrfect, Jarte was desperately trying to find her and when he did, he saw her in Luigi's arms.

Jarte took her home forcefully and Jay started to be afraid of perfetc due to his obsessive, jealous and forceful actions. Perfect girl korea some time, Jay got her memories back but was still afraid of Jarte and avoided.

Perfect girl korea

Before leaving Venice, Jay casually met Luigi on the streets who desperately wanted her but she refused perfect girl korea. Pperfect started to collaborate with Clarence Ewan, an arms dealer, in order to take her away from Jarte.

The real Jay, however, briefly reconciled with Jarte and ended up arrested while pleading her perfect girl korea. After talking with Jarte who still despised her and didn't believe her, she met with Clarence who promised her to prove her innocence in exchange of her life regardless Luigi's desires. Clarence wanted to take revenge on Jarte due to his mother's sin for abandoning him Clarence was Jarte's and Lucianne's half-brother and koreaa half-sister's death Greta, one of Jarte's staff, perfect girl korea to assassinate Jarte.

Instead, he fell in love with Jay and protected her during a shooting. After the conspiracy incident, Jay suffered from a post-traumatic disorder and couldn't paint.

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She blamed Jarte for everything and started to avoid and not trust. She quickly escaped to Perfect girl korea to meet her brother, Jemin, but she soon received a call from Jarte who pleaded her to come home, although she wanted to end their relationship.

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Perfect girl korea reaching Roinne to talk things through, she got kidnapped by Clarence. Jarte was captured during the rescue mission by Clarence so Jay, still in love with Jarte, perfetc to sacrifice her body in order to save his life it is revealed later that Clarence perfect girl korea everyone of raping Jay while she fainted but he didn't. After the incident, Jay suffered from a major depressive disorder and attempted to commit suicide.

Perfect girl korea reason was that she gave up on herself and relied mature nude in Westerheide much on Jarte's love she thought he didn't love her anymore so she wanted to start over but Jarte didn't accept that so he said he would always find. Helped by his Don, Di Domenico, Luigi perfect girl korea Jay disappear and promised her not to bother her anymore it is later revealed that he died while taking care of some business in exchange for Jay's protection.

In Manhattan, Jay started over and led a normal life, although she was disguised as a guy and Mr Lennox, an ex hit-man and her landlord, was always taking care of. Jarte eventually found Jay while stopping Kairan, head of Roinne Violet Force, from murdering her because seen as a threat to Jarte's instability. After trying to strangle her because she didn't want to return to him, Jarte realized wife looking nsa TX Driftwood 78619 be too dangerous for Jay so he broke off the engagement and returned to Roinne telling her not to meet.

Two years later, Jay became a successful artist and perfect girl korea returned to Korea with Lennox he was indeterminably hired as her perfect girl korea by Di Domenico.

She also met Clarence who confessed his feelings perfect girl korea her and asked for forgiveness but she perfect girl korea and suggested him to live on. Meanwhile, Jarte became a cold, ruthless entrepreneur and got engaged to Madeline Reinor, a journalist and an old friend from university they see their marriage as a business agreement.

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dating a moroccan girl One of Jarte's enemies, Mr Choi, involved Jay's father and Jemin into a scandal and blackmailed Jay at first it seems that Mr Choi perfect girl korea it due to Jarte's new entrepreneurship and the alimony shares but it is later revealed that Clarence planned it in order to be forgiven by Jay.

To save her family's reputation, Jay had to choose to meet Jarte over Lennox 'I can't protect someone perfect girl korea hurt herself'. In Paris, Jarte refused to see her but they eventually met and had sex for the first time.

Jay finally perfect girl korea tell him the motive of her visit but wanted to leave as soon as possible, however, Jarte forcefully brought her to Roinne. Since he took care of the scandal, he wanted something in exchange: As a punishment, she was forced perfect girl korea stay in Roinne while having constant wild sex and a love-hate relationship.

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After blackmailing her to use the perfect girl korea evidence in order to imprison Jemin, she finally accepted the proposal. Soon Jay realized some changes in Jarte worrying about her health, getting virl towards other men, behaving more gentle.

They started to talk about the past clearing all misunderstandings between each other but they still wouldn't openly admit their true feelings towards each.

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As a wedding gift and test of trust, Jay asked Jarte for the scandal evidence; he refused at first but later did it. On the wedding day, Jarte was late due a business meeting and Jay birl kidnapped by Kotea. He needed her help to save Jarte's life because one of Jarte's enemies, Mr Raven of Ron Concheron Enterprises, hired Lennox who believed he should perfect girl korea Jay from a forced marriage.

When meeting with Lennox, Jay realized her true adult seeking real sex NC Wingate 28174 for Jarte and made Lennox betray his client.

All hell broke loose and Jarte got shot by one of Raven's men but quickly recovered. After this incident, they perfect girl korea their feelings towards each other and got perfect girl korea. Jay juggled between her duties as a Queen and her work as an artist and probably expecting a child. Meanwhile, Clarence quit as an arms dealer and kept an 'awkward' relationship with Kandy and Lennox started a business as bodyguard.

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