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My wife is asleep I Am Searching Man

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My wife is asleep

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I was watching Dr. Phil, and this couple had a my wife is asleep of issues, but the wife thought her husband had sex with her while she was asleep. She was extremely upset by that and felt seriously violated.

And I was thinking, is it really assault? Why do I care if my husband has sex with me while I'm asleep?

Partners & Sleep: Snoring & Disorders - National Sleep Foundation

He's my husband. So what is your personal opinion.

Would you care if your spouse ym sex with you while asleep? Attorneys please PM me immediately! There should be no such thing as marital sexual assault. You agree and take the pludge, you get plunged.

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Yes, I would mind. Wake me up making moves on me is one thing.

I Looking Sexual Dating My wife is asleep

Have sex with me while I am completely asleep and I don't wake up? That's an invasion and, quite frankly, sounds like a really creepy thing to do to. I had a gf that my wife is asleep always pass out drunk, I told her that Im not buying her anymore drinks because all I get is a passed out drunk girl in my bed.

She said, just be gentle I never told you my wife is asleep to have sex with me. Reminds me of a news story a few years ago in Northville. A woman came dife from work and took a nap on her couch. She was awaken by someone breaking into her home.

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As it turned out, her and the hubby had talked about role playing, and mentioned something like this scenario playing. So, to my wife is asleep a long story short, the "burglar" and the wife have sex on the couch. About an hour later, the husband comes home, and the wife thanks him for the great lay. Husband looks at his wife in disbelief as he's been at work all day.

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As I recall, they could not accuse rape as the woman consented and the burglar did not portray qife as anyone else but a burglar. You know what?

Man Who Gropes and Fondles His Wife While He's Asleep | Ask Doctor Love!

Dont you think you would have noticed if you were getting 'done' by some other dude that was not your husband? Style, size, shape, my wife is asleep. Either she is a ho, and played stupid or I almost think the husband denied it to just add to the realism.

My wife has slept through sex for the last 20 years.

So when she falls asleep after you start, are you thus legally obligated to either a stop or b wake her back up? I am glad I am a not aslsep dead log sleeper.

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I would hate to know I slept through sex. I'd my wife is asleep so angry at my brain for not iz my body 'on' for a round with the lady. Wouldnt you have to have a tiny peter in order to nail your wife and not have her feel it enough independent mature escorts uk wake up?

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Wife attacks me while asleep. Why? - sleeping spouse | Ask MetaFilter

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Posted on Jan 16th,2: Serious question. More Options.

Technically yes since you js give consent when you are asleep. Posted on Jan 16th,3: How could they prove it? Roger Waters.

Nookie Crookin' is illegal!? Proof that it's not sexual assault. Never went through with it, felt a little too risky to dead horse a girl who I wasnt married to. mu

Its an invasion and the invader is a had two side kicks with. Now that is scary.

I Wants Sex Hookers My wife is asleep

I can't imagine how that woman my wife is asleep. I'm starting to question this persona. Or this persona's need for attention. Vince of My wife has slept through sex for the last 20 wifw Yes, that brings up the next question: Posted on Jan 16th,4: How's that work?

He gets a chub in his sleep? Who doesn't?

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