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Is david henrie bisexual Wanting Sexual Encounters

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Is david henrie bisexual

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I Wanting Sex Contacts Is david henrie bisexual

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Is david Henrie bi? -

Kapellmeister Posts: Gerard Butler said he was bi in an interview but I think his management have tried to make it go away now he is so sucessful. Airborae Is david henrie bisexual Isn't as innocent as he. Been in quite a lot of trouble.

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Know for boozing it up outside the U. Always has girls hanging around him, or on the other hand he might have a Shia LaDouche thing going on. Mandark Posts: GoldenBoots is david henrie bisexual Dermot O'Leary is bisexual. I know someone who had a thing with him several years ago, to be exact, while working on Big Brother.

It was all hush hush at the time and when it threatened to come out two years ago Simon Cowell was able to make it go away. SuperAPJ wrote: She's never explicitly stated that she's a lesbian but alluded to it a few years ago. I guess she just doesn't feel the need to shout about is david henrie bisexual. SuperAPJ Posts: Makson wrote: Nobby Burton Posts: I know he's been with his gf dee for quite a is david henrie bisexual years I remember him doing a religious documentary a few years ago when he talked about catholics not accepting sexy fat cougars gay friends maybe he dosen't consider himself bi even if he is.

Is david Henrie bisexual? -

Only he would know how he defines. Is Justin Bieber actually gay?

He reminds me of Joe McElderry who is gay Is all this speculation about his xavid fatherhood actually a deflection? Airborae wrote: Listentome Posts: I s Justin Bieber actually gay?

But Joe McElderry can sing: Listentome wrote: Well I'm gay and remind people of Jamie Oliver who is straight. Hang on someone's probably about to out Mr. Gwylfa Posts: Russell Kane has to be He loves playing up to this 'look at me, i'm so camp and effeminate but i'm not gay' image but it's very is david henrie bisexual imo.

Ddavid Burton wrote: I think Russell Kane's already come out as a homosexual.

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I read on here that he declared himself to be a homosexual. This might not be true though and he might be in the closet. Nick Grimshaw isn't openly gay either is he?

A few people have insisted that Grimmy is david henrie bisexual straight.

Is david henrie bisexual

Very much doubt it. Bi at least, probably gay. I've just read that a professional soccer player has come out! Hhenrie Testo, an American professional. Tulip19 Posts: Could is david henrie bisexual bi if not the campest straight man. Is LLB that camp?

Is he not just posh? Blah Posts: Russell Kane has become overly camp in the last few months.

More Eyeliner, bigger hair